Protect Your Vehicle Against Fireworks

It is that time of year, when children (and parents) dress up as ghouls, ghosts, witches and vampires. It is also time for the annual ritual of burning effigies of Guy Fawkes as we remember the Gunpowder plot.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November… Copious amounts of Rockets, Catherine Wheels and Roman Candles will be unleashed up on the skies and gardens of Britain. All good harmless fun, we completely agree. There is another side to the frivolities though.

Damage to peoples property and in particular, vehicles is a concern that is often over looked. Falling firework debris such as the sticks that rockets are mounted on, can damage your paintwork very easily. What’s more you will have to cover the expense of the repair, as proving who caused the damage would be near on impossible.

Having spoken to our car insurer they confirmed, that the damage would be covered as a vandalism/malicious damage claim. Excess would very much be due and potentially more than the repair. You would need to check this with your insurer.

Here are our tips to keeping your vehicle Firework damage free this 5 November:

1.     If you have a garage, use it! If they can’t reach the car, no harm can be done.

2.     Park your vehicle as close to shelter as possible, be it the house, a tree, a car port or any other shelter.

3.     If you are letting fireworks off in your garden, park you vehicles the other side of the house where possible.

4.     Notify your neighbours of intent of using fireworks to allow them to do the same.

5.     Direct Rockets in a direction away from vehicles (but still in a safe direction away from people)

6.     If attending an organised display, take a taxi or park a good distance away and walk.

Our tips are all common sense, however they are food for thought. I’m sure you would be upset if you had a new car that got damaged, through no fault of your own.

Should fireworks or trick or treaters damage your vehicle, Hampshire Repair and Spray Centre, are happy to give you an estimate to carry out repairs.  Contact us by telephone on 01329 220300 or email