Accident Repair Hampshire

A car accident big or small, whether it is your fault or not, is a real inconvenience. Here at Hampshire Repair & Spray, we strive to make the Accident Repair as painless as possible. One of the main worries after an accident is will the vehicle ever be the same again? For the majority of damage, the answer is certainly yes.

At our body shop located just off Newgate Lane in Fareham, we specialise in accident repairs and making your vehicle look as good as new. We are on hand to offer an estimate, so give us a call and pop in so we can see what needs to be done.

We run an open body shop, so you can actually see the work being done in house and to the highest standard. In order to show this we will be featuring some repairs in stages on our blog. The following images show the stages in repairing a vehicle, in this case a Land Rover Freelander.

In the first few images you can see the damage, scratches and marks on the rear bumper.

Accident Repair Accident Repair Accident Repair

The Process starts with rubbing down the damaged area, however extensive it needs to be in order to create the best finish. We then carry out any panel beating, filling and reshaping where necessary.

Accident Repair Hampshire Accident Repair Hampshire

The area being repaired is masked up for Primer.

Accident Repair Fareham Accident Repair Fareham

Then primed.

Accident RepairAccident Repair

Next we prepare the remaining part of the panel by cleaning it in preparation to mask up for spraying. The panel is wiped again and tacked off. We then apply the paint, drying between each coat at 45 degrees centigrade in our advanced drying system.

Accident Repair Portsmouth

Accident Repair

We finish with a clear lacquer, two coats of, drying in-between and then bake the lacquer for 40mins at 75 Degrees centigrade. The masking is then removed and the panels wiped down and the repair is complete.

Accident Repair Gosport Accident Repair Gosport

We hope this has given you an insight into what goes into repairing a vehicle. To contact us for an Accident Repair, give us a call on 01329 220300 or email us via the Contact Us Page.