Vauxhall Bodywork Repairs

Here at the Hampshire Repair and Spray Centre, we carry out repairs on most brands of vehicle, and would like to share some of the most popular brand repairs on our blog, starting with Vauxhall. We count the high standing Vauxhall main dealership amongst our regular client base, and also deal with their many referrals […]

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2015… Happy New Year

We are well and truly into 2015! At Hampshire Repair & Spray Centre it’s been very busy. So much so, we’ve only had a chance to wish you all a Happy New Year on our Facebook page so far! We hope your Christmas and New Year Celebrations were as great as ours. Our year has started […]

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Christmas Opening Hours

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and here at Hampshire Repair & Spray Centre we are here for you during the Christmas period to ensure you have no additional stress. With Christmas comes the cold weather, ice and potentially snow, none of which are your car’s friend. All of these elements can easily […]

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What Our Customers Say

As a family run business our reputation means everything to us, and what our customers say about our service is paramount to our company. After every repair we carry out, we ask our customers to complete a feedback form, not only for us to monitor our quality and service but also to see if there is […]

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Bodywork Insurance Repair

Being involved in an accident is a nightmare, even if you are not in the vehicle when the accident happens. Claiming on your insurance and the inconvenience of getting your car repaired, are less than desirable. We can’t help you avoid an accident, however we can help with Bodywork Insurance Repairs including all aspects of your […]

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Accident Repair Hampshire

A car accident big or small, whether it is your fault or not, is a real inconvenience. Here at Hampshire Repair & Spray, we strive to make the Accident Repair as painless as possible. One of the main worries after an accident is will the vehicle ever be the same again? For the majority of […]

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Protect Your Vehicle Against Fireworks

It is that time of year, when children (and parents) dress up as ghouls, ghosts, witches and vampires. It is also time for the annual ritual of burning effigies of Guy Fawkes as we remember the Gunpowder plot. Remember, remember, the 5th of November… Copious amounts of Rockets, Catherine Wheels and Roman Candles will be […]

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Hampshire Repair & Spray Centre Blog

Welcome to the newest part of our website, the Hampshire Repair & Spray Centre Blog. We are finally blogging! It is all happening here at Hampshire Repair & Spray Centre. With a brand new Facebook page as well as a Twitter account now active, you can follow us and see the work in progress. We […]

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