Colour Matching

Colour Matching with our Paint Scheme

At Hampshire Repair and Spray Centre we offer:

  • colour matching for all makes and models
  • flawless results and a perfect finish
  • prolonged protection for your repair
  • the use of environmentally friendly paint

When you bring your car you want to know that we can match the paintwork on your vehicle.

The Lesonal Paint System as used by Hampshire Repair and Spray CentreLesonal WB colour matching system

We use the Lesonal WB colour matching system, created by AkzoNobel, to ensure that whatever make or model of car you drive, we can match the colour. They have been creating specialist paints for over 150 years, so it’s safe to say that they are experts in the field.

Lesonal Water Based paints are environmentally friendly and in line with all current legislation.

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It’s a computerised system which contains details of all manufacturers paint codes and shades. The system is regularly updated – any new batch of vehicles released by any vehicle manufacturer leads to our system being updated with new paint information accordingly. All modern vehicles carry a paint code which we can locate and enter into the system. The formula for the colour is given, and we then mix up the paint specifically for that job just before the vehicle is sprayed. Paint of this type won’t store, so is freshly mixed for each job.

The result is that you receive your vehicle back with a flawless and perfectly matched repair.

Colour matchingProlonging the Standard of Your Repair

Sometimes we have a customer come to us with a vehicle that was repaired by someone else and the new paintwork has faded or the clear top lacquer is flaking. Unacceptable standards like this can be down to sub-standard paints, but more often it’s about the wrong final finish, or a poor quality one, being applied.

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At Hampshire Repair and Spray Centre we don’t cut corners, we use the best, most highly recommended lacquers to complete and protect our repairs.

As a result, we have never had a customer return to us with a complaint about fading paintwork or a failing repair.

If our customers come back, it’s because they’ve picked up another scratch, dent or chip – and they know we’ll be able to fix it leaving their vehicle as good as new.