Perfect Finish

Perfect Finish – Inside Our Colourbox

All our refinishing is carried out inside our top-of-the-range Colourbox Spray Booth.

Spraybooth - front

The booth acts to contain and then remove paint particulates from the air inside so that they don’t escape into the atmosphere. It also keeps out dust and other contaminents, which is vitally important in achieving a smooth, even finish.This high-spec booth is the same as those used by BMW at their own repair facilities, so you know you can bank on it being the best quality.

How We ‘Bake’ Your Car

Vehicle on bake

Our paints are water-based for environmental purposes, and during the curing process between each coat of paint the water is evaporated out of the paint, leaving a hard, resilient and perfect finish. Once the spraying is complete, the booth becomes an ‘oven’, raising the temperature around the car to a specified level and ‘curing’ the paint onto the surface of the vehicle.

Energy Efficiency

One of the reasons we particularly wanted the Colourbox Spray Booth was its energy saving capability – by incorporating really efficient technology the booth wastes very little energy. For example, as heat rises it can sometimes take longer for repairs at the bottom of a car panel to cure, but Colourbox have created a system of airflow around the car that keeps the heat even throughout the booth.

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This means that paintwork lower on the car cures as quickly as it would on the roof, reducing the amount of time the vehicle needs to spend in the oven, and cutting our power usage by a considerable amount. This is important, not only from an environmental point of view – as we can keep our costs lower, we can keep also keep our prices reasonable.

A Winning Combination – Giving You Great Results16 RX8

All in all, Matthew’s skill and experience combined with the best available technology and equipment amounts to one thing – the best result, smoothest finish and most satisfactory experience for you, the customer.